"Dr Ashok made two high risk pregnancies easy to bear" says Aoife, who was rushed to hospital at 4 am after she started vomiting blood. They know the doctor well; her two year old, Jack, was also delivered by Dr Ashok.
Donal says Dr Ashok was sent from heaven: "there were times I couldn't calm her down - but this man did - he sorted her out!". That night they called the doctor and he rushed in to the hospital. "He said call or text any time and we did".

Aoife & Donal

" This is a belated but nonetheless heartfelt THANK YOU for everything you did for us in the run up to and birth of our baby. Your experience, wisdom and positive approach helped us so much when the late issues raised in the pregnancy, and for that we are so grateful. To then go on and safely deliver our precious daughter, plus ensure such a quick recovery for me was the icing on the cake."


" Where do we start! It's very hard for us to put into words exactly what we want to say. Thank you simply doesn't cover it. In all our years we have never met a doctor like you. You have been the most thoughtful, kind, caring and determined one we have ever met. The fact that Jack has arrived safe and sound is a credit to you............"


" A big thank you for all your care, support and advice throughout the pregnancy. We have no doubt in our minds that mum had the best possible care from a wonderful doctor."


" Your endless care has helped us realise our dream. Thank you for your constant support and assistance in the safe delivery of our little girl, Savannah. We appreciate that your often went out of your way to see us and are eternally grateful for the keen interest you showed us whilst under your care."


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